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Check out 'China Grove' by The Doobie Brothers

Learn to play China Grove. "China Grove" is a song from The Doobie Brothers' 1973 album 'The Captain and Me.'

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The guitar course is exactly what I needed. I had tried to learn guitar before from other instructors but it never clicked with me. Because you explain everything in detail in each lesson I was able to grasp the concepts right away. Thank you for putting out such a great course.
Josh A.

  • I have seasoned guitar players brag on the song arrangements I can play. I have to say Bill Brown's arrangements are better than most guitar players can play. I may have to just let you keep doing my arrangements, because I can`t arrange them that well. I can play anything on the guitar as long as Bill Brown shows me how!
    Thanks Bill.
    R. Robinson - Kentucky

  • I recently purchased a couple of tapes from "Guitar by Ear" and I just wanted to tell you how wonderful they are! I was so excited that I plowed through the intro, rhythm, ending and solo in one sitting. It is is absolutely great not to have to struggle with reading tabs and to actually hear each lick before it is shown in detail.

    • Along with my order I'd also like to say that I think your company is great! I recently ordered your lesson on Eruption and I was very pleased. Your approach is very unique and effective. I'm very happy to have found a pro guitarist that offers so much and cares enough to analyze any type of song that I'm interested in learning to play. Thank you for improving my guitar playing abilities!
      T. Mattingly

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